Exco Languedoc, which is part of the Exco FSO Group and a member of the Exco network – the leading French network of independent audit, accounting and consulting firms, offers you its recognised know-how as well as a range of tools to support you in your business takeover, evaluating a business or selling and transferring your business.

Our expertise
• A multidisciplinary, homogeneous team, headed up by a single point of contact
• Local, personalised and independent support
• A pragmatic working method, adapted to your field of activity
• Ongoing technological updates to our tools and methods
• A combination of multiple experiences and constant updating of knowledge to offer you effective advice

Business takeovers: comprehensive support to reach your target
What you can expect
• The means to make the right choice and pay the right price
• Support at each stage of your project, from research to negotiations and financing, up to the signing of deeds
• Post-acquisition follow-up
What we do
• Analyse takeover opportunities
• Determine a consistent price range, assess the profitability of the target
• Help you find financing
• Support you in negotiations with the seller
• Conduct the acquisition audit
• Participate in the drafting of deeds and monitor the finalisation of the project
How you benefit
• Secure takeover thanks to comprehensive, organised and responsive support
• Permanent and efficient support at each stage of the process
• Optimisation of the taxation of takeover conditions

Evaluations: from the creation of your business to acquisition, sale and internal restructuring operations, Exco enhances your assets and secures your operations
What you can expect
• You will know the market value of your company
• Added value to your company
• Relevant criteria for comparison
• Optimisation of your strategy
What we do
• Analyse your company and its environment
• Implement the appropriate evaluation methods
• Implement a personalised and concerted action plan
• Submit an evaluation report
How you benefit
• Anticipation of the consequences of an evaluation using a value management strategy
• Protection of your assets
• Assessment of your intangible assets, such as patents and trademarks etc.
• Application of international accounting standards: IAS/IFRS, US GAAP etc.

Business transfers: maximise the profit from the sale of your business for organised and efficient support
What you can expect
• Support with your choice of buyer
• An evaluation of your business
• Maximum profit from the sale
• Assistance in all stages of the negotiation process
What we do
• Evaluate your company
• Choose the legal and fiscal arrangement prior to the sale
• Support you in the negotiation process with the buyer
• Participate in the drafting of deed and monitor the finalisation of the project
How you benefit
• Secure operation thanks to an organised and reactive approach
• Optimisation of the taxation of the sale price
• Assurance of permanent support at each stage of the operation

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