Bertrand CUIR
Financière de Norway – Lille

76400 FECAMP

Financière de Norway is an independent consultancy firm which operates in sales/acquisitions and financing operations.

Our ambition is to contribute to the sustainability of SMEs, in the sectors of industry and services to industry.

Our aims are to support business leaders in terms of sales, acquisitions of external growth, fundraising and evaluation.

To offer the best possible service to our customers, we promote inter-professionalism.

We guarantee independence, professionalism and ethical practices.

Financière de Norway is a member of the AMF-approved CCIFTE. Orias no. 13000521.
Financière de Norway is the holder of business card no. 1579TI Prefecture of Seine-Maritime.
Financière de Norway is an expert in business evaluations, certified by CCEF.
Financière de Norway is paid primarily on the basis of success.

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