Philippe DORIER
IF Audit


Chartered Accountant and Auditor
Arbitrator accredited by the CMAP
Business Mediator
Independent Administrator

As a Chartered Accountant and Auditor, Philippe has significant experience on consulting and more specifically in legal business structures for SMEs and SMIs : Construction and public works, Industry and service sectors.

Today, fitted with a multidisciplanary and competent network, IF AUDIT aims to provide companies  with support such as :

Mergers and acquisitions, external growth operations

Project definition, planning
Valuation, constitution of the presentation file
Mergers and acquisitions : valuation and determination of exchange ratios
Target research
Negotiations assistance, data-room preparation, participation in the drafting of protocol and deeds of sales or acquisitions

Financial restructuring, equity financing and fund raising
Audit accounts, legal and financial audit
Creation of business plan
Implementation of business plan, cashflow projections

Liaising with banks, negotiation

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