Hervé de Monès

75016 PARIS

The founders of Compagnie Financière du Buis have the dual experience of managing companies (IT start-ups and industrial companies) and university education (having studied at the National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts and obtained a master’s in finance at Paris Dauphine University).

Compagnie Financière du Buis is also a member of SFEV (the French association of evaluators), an association that brings together the best providers of equity enhancement and equity transactions.

Based on the databases we have at our disposal and the sectoral market studies we use, we are therefore able to carry out in-depth evaluations which serve the interests of our clients during the negotiation process. It goes without saying that after finding and selecting a buyer in the context of a sale mandate or a seller in the context of a purchase mandate, we support them until the final signature of the transfer deeds.

Where necessary, we participate in the financial engineering and in the search for resources authorising the acquisition operation.

Finally, partnerships with tax lawyers and recognised asset management specialists enable us to offer a comprehensive range of services.

Over the past two years, Compagnie Financière du Buis has been involved in a wide range of sectors, including

  • Personal services,
  • Road transport,
  • Engineering companies (prototype design)
  • Security companies,
  • Software,
  • The construction of individual houses,
  • Advertising companies,
  • The installation of electrical measuring and control devices.

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