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CEO of Francession, was for five years on the board of directors of CCIF, then of ACIFTE (a former French association of analysts and advisors in investment, finance and business transfers), specialising in equity transactions consulting.
He is a managing partner of Cessio Finance, a graduate of Sciences Po Paris, a law graduate, the former director of a division of the PSA Peugeot Citroën Group, the former chair of the French National Cycle Chamber and the former CEO of Cycles Lejeune, among others.
Alain has worked as a company director, is a team worker, is keen to ensure the sustainability of each company sold or taken over, adheres to a strict code of ethics and confidentiality, specialises in target searches, and works both in networks and with complementary professionals (made up of lawyers, notaries and accountants). Cessio Finance provides a high-quality service at a realistic cost within a reasonable time frame.
With a view to the sale of your business, Cessio Finance will help you to:
-Compile the legal file and the file constituting the elements of your company (strengths, weaknesses, balance sheets, profit situation and customers etc.)
-Choose the best asset, legal and tax options
-Look for and identify the best possible buyers
-Optimise your position as a seller during the negotiation stage
-Minimise the tax consequences of the sale
With a view to taking over a business, Cessio Finance will help you:
-Refine your project and determine target companies
-Carry out an in-depth analysis of the target (by means of a business, industrial, and activity and profits audit etc.)
-Develop the takeover offer and defend it
-Optimise your position as the buyer during negotiations
-Support you in the first months of the takeover
Address :
118 rue La Fayette
75010 PARIS
Phone number : 06 73 25 04 33
Contact(s) : Alain BAUMANN

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